Chat with the knowledge of all your calls in BuildBetter (Zoom, GMeet, Webex). Start for free @
The ChatGPT plugin BuildBetter enhances the language model’s capabilities, allowing users to control conversation flow and generate contextually relevant responses. It enables users to guide the model’s behavior, specify answer formats, and request step-by-step thinking or debate before finalizing a response.

1. "Can you summarize the key points from my last Zoom meeting?"
2. "What were the action items from my Google Meet call yesterday?"
3. "Who were the participants in my last Webex meeting?"
4. "Can you remind me of the decisions made during my last team call on Zoom?"
5. "What were the main topics discussed in my last week's GMeet calls?"
6. "Can you provide a brief overview of all my calls last week on BuildBetter?"
7. "What are the common themes from my calls this month on Webex?"
8. "Can you help me prepare for my upcoming call by summarizing the previous one?"
9. "Who has been the most frequent participant in my Zoom meetings?"
10. "What was the feedback from my last presentation on Google Meet?"

ㅤPlugin NameDescription
AI Data AnalystDive into your data like never before. No code, no complex queries; just plain English.
AskYourKGEliminate hallucination. Organize your knowledge. Chat with it. Visualise it.
BuildBetterChat with the knowledge of all your calls in BuildBetter (Zoom, GMeet, Webex). Start for free @
Close CRMAccess your Close CRM data. Understand your leads, get deeper insights, and make them actionable.
Custom KnowledgeProvide your docs, webpages, and other links, and get personalised answers.
Decision MatrixGet decision and return back a matrix of decision types.
FileChatFile management, in-depth analysis, and quick information retrieval.
MixerBox ChatDriveThe best Google Drive AI assistant for file management.
OWISExplore the capabilities of the OWIS system for seamless workflow and document management.
SIDConnect data from your Google Drive, Notion, and Gmail.
SkyPoint AIChat with your unified business data to answer questions, automate tasks, and boost your productivity.

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