Cellcom and Parallel Wireless Launch Autonomous 5G SA Pilot in Israel

Cellcom and Parallel Wireless have teamed up to launch a pioneering pilot program, showcasing the deployment of autonomous standalone 5th generation (5G SA) core sites in Israel. As the country’s leading cellular provider, Cellcom is eager to establish a cloud-based 5G SA network, and is partnering with Parallel Wireless to test the innovative Open RAN 5G technology. With an end-to-end Open RAN solution, the pilot will incorporate RAN Intelligent Controller (RIC) capabilities, a smart management layer for control and advanced performance optimization.

Open RAN 3 sector LTE site based on B3 radios that was tested in Cellcom’s network in Kfar Sava, Israel. Credit: Parallel Wireless.

Baruch Navon, President and COO of Parallel Wireless, commented on the exciting partnership: “Parallel Wireless is proud to partner with Cellcom and showcase how our innovative 5G stand-alone agile Open RAN software can disrupt the wireless network landscape not only in Israel, but worldwide. Our pioneering solution is expected to deliver improved agility, flexibility, resilience, and performance.” The pilot, which is scheduled to conclude by the end of 2023, will incorporate advanced applications to improve network performance and efficiency, with the ultimate goal of benefiting users through the delivery of 5G SA technology.

The 5G SA solution is the next step in cellular connectivity, providing new opportunities for the cellular market. While current 5G networks are based on 4th-generation cores, the establishment of an independent network core for the 5th generation will provide more flexibility in cellular network deployments and smoother upgrades in the future. This technology could also assist in integrating and embedding IoT solutions in transportation, medical, agriculture, and other industries, as well as creating communication solutions tailored to the needs of any organization.

Daniel Sapir, CEO of Cellcom, emphasized the company’s dedication to leading the 5th generation revolution and bringing innovative solutions to customers. “We will continue to work to bring innovative and leading solutions for the benefit of our customers,” said Sapir. This partnership between Cellcom and Parallel Wireless marks an exciting step forward in the development of 5G SA technology, and its potential impact on industries worldwide.

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