Callbox partners with Make to bring powerful automation to Israeli enterprises

Israeli company Callbox, which specializes in automating business processes, has announced a collaboration with the visual automation platform Make. Callbox, which is the first Israeli and international reseller approved by Make, offers customers access to a powerful automation platform that promises to streamline business processes and boost productivity.

Make is a powerful visual platform that enables customers to automate routine and repetitive tasks and processes without the need to write code. The platform offers a simple visual interface for defining workflows between enterprise and SaaS applications, which then connect and perform an automated business process from start to finish with no manual intervention.

Make currently supports over 1,500 enterprise and SaaS applications, and the connections between them create an endless variety of automated business scenarios in areas such as marketing, sales, IT technologies, business operations, order management, customer service, finance, human resources, procurement, development, engineering and more. In procurement, for example, Make connects at the touch of a button between Oracle – Netsuit, SAP, Salesforce, and WhatsApp, enabling automatic approval of procurement processes, creation of work orders, synchronization of supplier information, and many other processes.

Make has been implemented by thousands of businesses and organizations across 180 countries, including by Meta, Uber, Spotify, Adidas, Heineken, Ono Academic College, FINN, SentinelOne and more.

Callbox, founded in 2012, is one of the leading companies in Israel in the field of business process automation, and under the brand AutomationIL has carried out a wide range of automation projects for its customers. Callbox’s SaaS service has been adopted by 500 organizations in Israel, including HOT, DavidShield, Holmes Place, DIplomat, Champion Motors Strauss Water (Tami4) and more.

As part of AutomationIL’s activities, Callbox runs an “Automation Professionals” Facebook group with 12,000 members working in the field of automation, who hold regular conferences and meetups. Hanan Av-Zuk, co-founder and CEO of Callbox: “Employees who perform tasks such as extracting data from Excel spreadsheets and entering it into a CRM, are engaged in a cumbersome, inaccurate and expensive process, one that is unnecessary and that harms companies’ revenues and profitability. Our SaaS service and Make’s platform cut the integration time between SaaS applications and services from six months to just two weeks. This capability boosts companies’ business performance, increases revenues, reduces manpower costs and improves competitiveness.”

Mr. Frank Baudet, Head of Partner Ecosystem at Make: “We’re excited to partner with Callbox and enter the Israeli market. Callbox’s expertise and commitment to providing customers with the best technological solutions make it the perfect partner for introducing Make’s solutions to the Israeli market. We’re confident our collaboration will be a great success and will help businesses in the local market implement more automation in their work.”

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