C2A Security Brings Generative AI to its Product-Centric DevSecOps Platform. Credit - C2A Security

C2A Security, the mobility-centric DevSecOps Platform for car makers, suppliers, and EV charging companies, announces a huge leap forward in its offering with the integration of Generative AI into its EVSec Platform. As the 1st cybersecurity vendor to offer these capabilities in the mobility ecosystem, C2A Security’s AutoSynth marks a significant milestone, promising to revolutionize the way products & systems are developed and optimized for security, cost, and time reduction.

Generative AI, the cutting-edge artificial intelligence layer built on top of large language models (LLM), has already made waves across various industries, with its remarkable potential to streamline processes, enhance efficiency, automate software, and elevate performance metrics. Its rapid adoption has been nothing short of remarkable – in a recent McKinsey survey, 40% of C-level executives said their organizations will increase investment in AI because of advances in Generative AI, while one in four said they are personally using Generative AI tools (as ChatGPT, Midjourney, others) for work.

Developed to be LLM-agnostic, C2A Security’s Generative AI is poised to set a new industry standard. Since mid-2022 the company has been building an infrastructure of Generative AI into its DevSecOps Platform named AutoSynth. By leveraging the capabilities of Generative AI, developers, security engineers, and product leaders will be able to optimize production processes, detect inefficiencies, automate security controls, and prioritize response to vulnerabilities.

C2A Security’s CEO, Roy Friedman. Credit: C2A Security.

“We are elated to introduce this groundbreaking integration of Generative AI into our DevSecOps platform,” said Roy Fridman, CEO of C2A Security. “This transformative combination will not only bolster our product roadmap and patent track record but also enable us to create cutting-edge products that redefine the industry landscape. AutoSynth adds advanced automation to the product security lifecycle, while opening up many more use cases to solve problems we didn’t know are problems before Generative AI. I’m psyched to see the extent of automations we can achieve with AutoSynth!”

By harnessing the underserved potential of Generative AI in the automotive industry, C2A Security is primed to accelerate the innovation lifecycle, reduce time-to-market, and ensure the delivery of more secure products that exceed customer expectations. Within the next 18 months Gartner expects Generative AI to account for 10% of all data produced, up from less than 1% just 18 months ago.

C2A Security will hold an invite-only launch event during the annual Auto-ISAC Summit in California, October 17-18. During the event, C2A Security will showcase an Automated Threat Intelligence use case, powered by AutoSynth inside its product DevSecOps platform – EVSec, leveraging the Llama large language model (LLM) developed by Meta and Microsoft.

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