Beehive AI Exits Stealth With $5.1 Million Seed Staff

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Enterprise AI startup, Beehive AI, launched from stealth today and revealed an oversubscribed seed funding round worth $5.1 million, led by Valley Capital Partners. The funding round also included investments from late-stage strategic partners representing some of the largest global brands and firms. Mitchell Kokko, General Partner at Valley Capital Partners, was also announced as a new addition to Beehive AI’s Board of Directors.

The AI system has been under stealth development since 2016, using proprietary unstructured data from numerous global enterprise firms to train its models. Beehive AI’s platform empowers businesses to analyze, segment, and leverage insights from their unstructured data. Their custom AI platform for consumer research examines open-ended data using context-sensitive language models, and enables businesses to predict and understand individual consumer behavior.

Their platform is adaptable across various languages, countries, and cultures. It’s trained over 10,000 specialized AI models in more than 30 languages and processed data from over 20 countries. The platform allows users to upload their existing data or initiate AI-designed questionnaires. The data is then analyzed, and the insights are presented on customizable dashboards.

Beehive AI’s technology is built on refined Large Language Models (LLMs) like GPT-4, from generalized AI systems into specialized domain models.

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