AiVF was created to help people who dream of having a child, and the doctors and clinics that support this dream. The company was founded in 2018 by Daniella Gilboa, an experienced clinical embryologist and a biostatistician and Professor Daniel Seidman, one of the busiest IVF practitioners in the world. AiVF is made up of a team of outstanding group of AI experts, leading biologists and physicians, who created the world's most advanced digital platform for IVF fertility clinics. Special emphasis is given to the patient’s journey with the solution facilitating a shorter time to pregnancy.

AiVF Receives European Approval for its Cutting Edge AI based IVF Treatments

AiVF, a leader in AI technology for digitizing IVF (In Vitro Fertilization) clinics, today announced that it has received the CE Mark for use of its AI-based digital embryology management platform, EMATM, in IVF Fertility clinics, paving the way for use of the platform at clinics across Europe. EMATM by AiVF, is a multi-module integrated platform, combines AI, computer vision, and big data to improve patients’ success rates. AiVF’s genetic evaluation tool can help determine whether a