Anagog Merged with Intent HQ for Generative AI Marketing Co-Pilots Staff

Anagog merged with Intent HQ

Israeli Edge AI startup Anagog merged with Intent HQ, according to announcements by the two companies today. No financial details were disclosed but all of Anagog’s team will remain in the merged entity, becoming the “Edge Division” of the merged company, explained Anagog’s CEO, Ofer Tziperman, via e-mail with

Anagog, founded in 2010 by Gil Levy and the late Yaron Aizenbud, leverages AI and machine learning on edge devices to provide comprehensive mobile customer insights while ensuring that personal data remains on the phone. Their approach enables businesses to understand user behavior and preferences without compromising user data privacy and adhering to increasing consumer privacy regulations.

The merger of Intent HQ and Anagog unites behavioral AI with Edge AI technologies, fostering the development of Personal Behavioral Models on mobile devices for advanced marketing and consumer engagement. The merged entity will facilitate the creation of personal agents and Large Language Models, offering enhanced personalization capabilities for app owners and developers. They plan to produce AI-driven marketing assistants, or co-pilots, capable of comprehending customer behaviors and optimizing offers, while ensuring data privacy and compliance.

“AI must get more personal and contextual to a user’s prompt – we call it relevance,” explained Tziperman. “And relevance can only be understood today by the mobile phone, hence our focus on Edge AI. This approach is essential because it’s not feasible to continuously send all data to the cloud for computation, not just due to the sheer volume of data, but also due to privacy concerns.” Anagog’s Edge AI technology is designed to leverage the local processing capabilities of the phone, utilizing various consented signals to generate a rich set of data points (up to 16,000 points). And the data can fuel on-device AI models, including becoming part of an “anonymized embedding vector for any LLM”, ensuring that the personalization of AI is both immediate and secure.

“By processing data directly on the user’s device, we not only adhere to privacy laws, but also mitigate the risks associated with data breaches,” added Tziperman. “Our patented Edge AI technology enables efficient processing on the phone, opening up new possibilities for personalized AI applications that are both powerful and privacy-conscious.” 

Anagog raised a total of $25 million in venture capital funding, with its most recent round raised back in early 2020 – $10 million Series C. Investors in Anagog include MizMaa Ventures, Sumitomo Corporation and Daimler.

UK-based Intent HQ, founded in 2010 by Jonathan Lakin, similarly provides a privacy-focused AI platform that helps businesses better understand and serve their customers by securely integrating behavioral data, improving predictions, and ensuring data privacy and compliance.

“Working in the edge device is a big technological challenge, given battery consumption and limited computational power, to name a few, and this is where we have made some significant breakthroughs with our Edge AI technology.”

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