AI Talent Pool in Israel From Multinational Corporations

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Israel’s Artificial Intelligence (AI) ecosystem is support by it’s talent pool of over 4,000 AI professionals, ranging from data scientists to deep learning engineers.

Of the Israel’s +4,000 AI talent pool, over 30% are employed by multinational corporations, across over 65 multinational corporations with dedicated AI research and development situated in Israel.

By the numbers, Intel employs 276 AI professionals, followed by IBM with 128 AI professionals employed in Israel. Together, they account for nearly one third of the entire AI talent pool employed by multinational corporations.

The remaining rankings are as follows:

Amazon (69 AI employees)

Apple (64)

General Motors (58)

Samsung (52)

Microsoft (52)

Google (51)

Verint (47)

Applied Materials (44)

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This data is sourced from’s database of AI Talent

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