AI GO TO Set to Host Annual Event, Successfully Navigating AI Startup Challenges Staff

Disruptive AI, NVIDIA, and Herzog Fox & Neeman are excited to announce the first edition of the AI GO TO annual event, “Successfully Navigating AI Startup Challenges,” taking place on February 12, 2023. The event will focus on the challenges of scaling Artificial Intelligence ventures.

Attendees will have the opportunity to hear from leading AI startups and experts as they share their experiences and insights on building successful AI-driven solutions. Startup tech leaders can catch up with the latest technologies to accelerate R&D, boost performances and gain valuable insights into leveraging AI for growth and success. Investors will also benefit from the event, as they will have the opportunity to meet and learn deeper about the AI startup journey.

The event will also spotlight Generative AI for startups, unlocking the practices of leveraging the latest solutions. There will be six speakers, including Yorai Fainmesser, General Partner at Disruptive AI VC; Arik Kol, Head of NVIDIA Inception IL; Ariel Yosefi, Head of Technology and eCommerce Regulation at Herzog Fox Neeman; Prof.Gal Chechik, Director of AI at NVIDIA; Esther Lancaster, AI Ethics Specialist; and many more including startups pitching their supportive solutions for AI startups and a panel of Generative AI startups.

“We created an annual event, taking place alongside the Israeli AI-Week to focus on the startups and innovation ecosystem that share challenges of building AI ventures,” Fainmesser shared with “We also address investors interested in AI or have AI companies in their portfolios. It’s a must-attend event for the Israeli AI innovation community.”

Register for free (limited seats, and requires approval) for the event here.

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