AI-Driven Patient Finder Analysis Launched by Verix on Tovana Platform Staff

Verix, a leader in AI-enhanced platforms for pharma commercial operations, has unveiled a new AI patient finder analysis for its Tovana platform. Tovana employs AI and machine learning to centralize and analyze health care provider (HCP), patient, and market data for life science organizations.

The “patient finder analysis” feature uses AI to identify new patients with rare diseases, based on previous patients with similar journeys, which could improve treatment continuity and operational efficiency in the pharmaceutical industry.

Tovana processes anonymized patient data to generate accurate sift and cost-effective insights, helping pharmaceutical companies streamline many processes and ensure appropriate drug allocation. The platform, already used by GSK, Bayer, Novartis, and Roche, also features innovative use cases like Dynamic Targeting and Segmentation, and Bottom-Up Forecasting.

Verix’s Tovana platform leverages AI and deep learning to optimize critical processes in pharma commercial operations, keeping pace with the dynamic life sciences market, and aiding Fortune 500 pharmaceutical organizations to accelerate brand performance.

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