A List of 194 ChatGPT Plugins Currently Available and Their Use Case

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List of 78 ChatGPT Plugins

ChatGPT Plugins is OpenAI’s latest upgrade to their ChatGPT product with over 90 verified plugins. Each plugin offers authorization for ChatGPT to query their data or manipulate their own software. Plugins can access real-time data too. It’s OpenAI’s equivalent to Apple’s App Store, the company’s third act since the start of the magic show last November, and it’ll likely grow to thousands as the floodgate for plugin submissions fully opens.

For example, using OpenTable’s plugin to prompt a search for restaurants in London that were ‘accessible for wheelchair access, with good recent reviews’, output the following:

Demonstration of ChatGPT Plugins prompt and output.
Demonstration of ChatGPT Plugins prompt and output.

Other premier names like Expedia, Kayak and Zapier hit the plugin store from the start.

Leading the Israeli startup ecosystem is Tomorrow.io, an AI-powered weather and climate platform, the first of the group to gain entry onto the GPTChat Plugins store. This milestone follows the launch of their first Generative AI tool in March, Gale. Gale, a premium feature available to select customers (when launched), is an interactive AI assistant that simplifies complex climate and weather data into a concise, visually engaging, and easily shareable format. Gale’s capabilities include automatic filtering and prioritization of weather data based on variables such as location, severity, and frequency of weather events. This data is then synthesized into a summarizing outlook, providing users with shareable, business-centric insights.

Similarly, a considerable number of startups and corporations have beelined to integrate ChatGPT into their own offering, across many sectors, like business productivity or enhanced software development. However ChatGPT Plugins are operated on the ChatGPT web app.

With a Plus subscription, users can tap into the current maximum of three plugins for a given query, drawing on the integration from those plugins. ChatGPT determines which plugin to use in the context of the query.

Here’s a list of 194 plugins currently available for integration on ChatGPT Plugins (in Beta). Filter the list by description and sector:

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How many plugins are available on ChatGPT Plugins?

There are currently 194 plugins available for use. The list grows daily as more plugins are accepted to the Plugins store.

How do I access ChatGPT Plugins? Is it free?

ChatGPT Plugins are available through a “Plus” subscription, which costs $20 per month. Some plugins require authentication with the plugin’s native registration form, like Zapier or JiggyBase. Most plugins do not require authentication.

How do I create a ChatGPT Plugin?

According to OpenAI’s submission page, plugins are still in beta stage, and developer access may not be accessible to you. Factors considered for submission eligibility include: your country of residence and the nature of your plugin’s application. You can join the waitlist to get developer access here.

Last updated on May 31, 2023.

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