5 Leading Predictive Analytics Startups To Watch

top 5 predictive analaytics
top 5 predictive analaytics

Predictive analytics is one of the most integral technological breakthroughs that overhauled business processes worldwide. For the longest time, organizations rely on naive assumptions and obsolete models to make decisions, determine a customer’s value, and assess future outcomes for every move they make. With the help of AI, machine learning, and statistical algorithms, business leaders are now able to identify probabilities and produce valuable insights based on historical data.

From identifying risks, detecting frauds, optimizing operations, and boosting marketing campaigns, to determining the most valuable customers, predictive analytics is key in solving complex business problems and exploring new opportunities. Well aware of its abundant benefits, progressive leaders are scouring for the most cutting-edge tools and state-of-the-art solutions to help their businesses skyrocket to greater heights.

5 leading predicting analytics startups have been creating buzz across multiple industries, displaying immense potential in disrupting business operations:


Voyantis is an Israel-based predictive analytics startup that helps businesses shift to LTV-based growth. Founders Ido Wiesenberg and Eran Friendinger are well-aware that most companies today base their growth and marketing decisions on spreadsheets, which lacks objectivity and data discernment. With Voyantis, online businesses can acquire and retain customers of the highest value. The platform’s superior predictive AI solutions gain insights from thousands of data points to help companies efficiently achieve maximum profitability by transitioning to LTV-based growth.

Voyantis leverages predictions to support better insights and actions allowing companies to conduct smarter and more informed actions based on futurespected data. This results in a substantial increase in returns on investment and exponential profitability.

Syrup Tech

Founded in 2021, Syrup Tech Co-Founders Ferdinand Stockmann, James Theuerkauf, and Ramy Adeeb have seen how damaging excess inventory and overproduction are to retailers’ profitability. As passionate serial entrepreneurs, they’ve built Syrup Tech – a machine learning platform that predicts demand and optimizes inventory. This platform utilizes an AI-powered omnichannel support engine to ease the headaches of retailers.

Syrup Tech’s algorithms run 24/7 on real-time data. It scans retail products’ assortment across styles, colors, sizes, and POS for demand signals to determine over-stocks and under-stocks. What’s more, it’s a decision-support system which means teams can always accept, edit, or reject any of its recommendations.


Transmetrics is a Bulgaria-based startup that optimizes transport planning by leveraging the power of machine learning and predictive analytics. This platform combines the strengths of humans and artificial intelligence, ensuring the highest operational benefits and reducing the environmental impact of logistics.

The team at Transmetrics has developed a unique approach for analyzing, modeling, and predicting various transport flows with very high accuracy. Their solutions have brought significant benefits to top-tier logistics companies around the globe. What’s more, they are the first company to empower planning and business leaders with end-to-end automation of data discovery and feature generation — fueling superior models and driving real business impact.


The inception of Aito.AI started as a scala-library or a DSL (Domain Specific Language). The Aito-core library was a multi-purpose tool for solving real-world problems with ML and AI methods. Today, their focus is to equip big or small businesses with RPA and automation developers with easy-to-use ML tools.

With Aito.AI, businesses can quickly test, deploy and maintain a machine learning classifier for their next automation workflow. Teams can build without code, and use predictions with any RPA platform. Readily-available ML classification helps RPA teams to optimize automation rates of a myriad of use cases such as predicting details for purchase invoice and product tags.


An anti-money laundering predictive analytics startup, Tookitaki has developed the AML Ecosystem, which includes its network of experts and the Typology Repository (TR). The AML ecosystem helps remove the information vacuum created by siloed AML operations and lays the foundation of a democratized detection approach where AML behavioral models are shared across an ecosystem through a privacy-protected framework.

Their network of experts includes risk advisers, legal firms, AML specialists, consultancies, and financial institutions from across the globe. Moreover, Tookitaki’s Anti-Money Laundering Suite (AMLS) provides holistic risk coverage, sharper detection, and significantly fewer false alerts. It can be deployed in multiple environments including the public cloud, private cloud, and data center.


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