5 HealthTech Startups to Check Out in 2023: Evinature, Endear Health, Navvisa, Covera Health, Paige

StartupHub.ai Staff

Health technology startups have emerged as a solid force in the global healthcare industry in recent years. These companies, often founded by entrepreneurs with backgrounds in medicine, engineering, or business, are leveraging advances in technology to improve patient care and reduce costs.

One of the key areas where health tech startups are making an impact is in the development of digital health tools. These tools, such as mobile apps and wearables, allow patients to track and manage their health more effectively. They can be used to monitor vital signs, track exercise and nutrition, and even provide personalized health coaching. This can help patients to better manage chronic conditions such as diabetes and heart disease, and can also help to prevent illness.

Moreover, many of these companies are developing innovative new devices that can be used in the diagnosis and treatment of a wide range of medical conditions. These devices range from diagnostic tools, such as handheld ultrasound machines, to robotic surgical devices that can be used to perform complex procedures with greater precision. What’s more, health tech startups are leveraging medical imaging, big data analytics, and artificial intelligence to improve the accuracy and efficiency of medical diagnoses.

5 health tech startups are committed to revolutionizing global healthcare and delivering treatment accessibility and modern care to patients worldwide:


Evinature specializes in cutting-edge research in integrative therapies for inflammatory bowel disease (IBD). They source, develop, and distribute clinically-proven nutraceuticals, providing patients around the world with access to accurate diagnosis and treatment through their proprietary online platform. 

The Evinature platform guides patients through the CurQD™ Protocol, which are natural, tailored treatment regimes built on the groundbreaking research of their founders, Professor Shomron Ben-Horin and Nir Salomon. The CurQD™ Protocol has since been successfully implemented into standard clinical practice in leading medical centers in Israel and has transformed the way IBD patients are treated.

Endear Health

Founded in 2021, Endear Health offers a white-label onboarding and engagement platform specifically designed for Medicare Advantage plans, Direct Contracting Entities, and other organizations that take on risk. The platform, which is API-connected, allows organizations to deliver advanced benefits and programs without technical challenges. 

Endear Health is committed to improving the healthcare experience for seniors by providing innovative engagement solutions that are tailored to meet the needs of an aging population. The company’s mission is to enhance the Medicare experience for seniors through these cutting-edge solutions.


Navvisa partners with organizations that offer employee benefits, healthcare systems, and insurers to provide customized cancer navigation services to anyone facing a cancer diagnosis, whether they be patients, caregivers, or survivors. They assist them in understanding their diagnosis, evaluating treatment options, and planning the best course of action. 

Navvisa’s team of cancer care experts works to provide timely answers, ensure that the right treatment is received at the right time, minimize stress by removing barriers to care and improve overall outcomes. This can ultimately lead to lower healthcare costs, reduced time away from work, and help employees maintain a better balance between their personal and professional lives.

Covera Health

Covera Health connects providers and payers in their shared goal to improve patient outcomes and care quality. Their company uses clinically-validated, science-based tools to assist doctors in enhancing their care, ensuring patients receive the right diagnosis and enabling the healthcare system to support quality improvement on a large scale.

They have launched programs through their clinical intelligence platform that help people access the most effective care and provide doctors with AI-powered quality insights and tools to enhance their care. Covera Health partners with leading employers, payers, and healthcare organizations across the US, including Walmart and Microsoft.


Paige is an AI-based system that aims to improve pathology diagnoses. Its mission is to develop and distribute new digital diagnostic and predictive tests globally to empower pathologists and revolutionize oncology. The company is led by a group of experts in life sciences, oncology, pathology, technology, machine learning, and healthcare. 

Paige’s technology enables pathologists to more efficiently and accurately diagnose diseases by providing more information from digital slides and extracting insights that can’t be seen by the human eye. These unique tissue signatures have the potential to inform treatment decisions and lead to the discovery of new biomarkers for diagnostic, pharmaceutical, and life sciences companies.

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